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Pet Policy

As we own a dog ourselves (pictured), we understand if you want to bring them on holiday with you, after all there are so many wonderful walks to explore in Brixham.

We encourage our property owners to accept pets and give them every assurance that we will only let to responsible pet owners.

If you bring a pet you must adhere to our pet policy below; 

  • Owners will ensure all vaccinations; flea and worm treatments are up to date.
  • Dogs will be regularly brushed as required, to remove loose hair.
  • Dogs will not be allowed on furniture, in the bedrooms or left un-supervised in the garden.
  • Dogs will not be left un-attended in the cottages unless they are in a dog crate.
  • Any poo will picked up and properly disposed of straight away.
  • If dogs get wet on a walk they will be thoroughly dried on arrival home.
  • Properties will be left free of any dog hair or paw marks on departure day.

We are sure that all responsible pet owners will be happy to sign up to this, if you have any questions, please ask we are here to help.

Properties that are described as “pet friendly” will generally accept 1 full-sized dog or 2 smaller breeds by prior arrangement. Some pet friendly properties may have stairs to access living areas, so please ensure your chosen property is suitable if your pet has limited mobility.

As a result of our policy and our encouragement to owners, two thirds of our cottages accept pets and unlike most other agencies we do not charge any extra to include them on your booking.

In order that we can continue to provide this unique level of access to pet owners we ask for your co-operation in adhering to our policy above.

Please note that should any additional cleaning be required as a result of non-compliance with our pet-policy, we will charge an additional cleaning fee.

Finally we wish you and your 4-legged friends a very pleasant stay with us!